In Fuerteventura the main reason for the tourist movement and attraction is definitely SURF, a sport that was born years ago and that over time has taken root and has become famous almost everywhere.


Would you like to surf but you are a beginner?  You should definitely put your trust in the hands of a good instructor.


The instructors of the schools are the ones who know best the beaches where you can practice this sport, they know the type of beach that best suits your level.

From the outside, the first impression that almost everyone has is that it is “easy”. Mind you, no sport is easy, especially when it comes to water sports. The sea is the one who ultimately decides and commands, and you must have the utmost respect for it. 

There are many facts to take into account: daily sea conditions, the tide, which is very important, so the schools daily decide the time of the various lessons, taking into account all these factors.


Being a good surfer does not mean being a good instructor, there is a difference. A good instructor is the one who teaches you and manages to convey his passion and love for this sport (which is also a lifestyle). You feel it right away if the person who teaches you does it with passion or just in a mechanical way … just for the hell of it!

The instructor, in addition to giving you the basics (which you will then need to continue), follows you step by step to allow you to better understand the various aspects of this sport and knows how to understand the different needs of each student, we are not all the same.


Surfing is a bit like riding in a car, for example there are priorities that must be respected, the instructor will teach you that too, once again we talk about respect but this time towards other surfers.


A good instructor goes into the water with his pupils, to teach them and not to surf!!!!