Here is our beloved staff!

jody Scuola di Surf Fuerteventura el cotillo
Jody Administrator
Lovers of all sports, always ready to try new experience. First of all I feel in love with Fuerteventura.and then day by day also I fell in love with surf and windsurf. My passion is photography and try to catch the best moments during your experience with us.
damiano Scuola di Surf Fuerteventura el cotillo
Damiano Surf Instructor
Surf instructor.
Love for surf brought me here in Fuerteventura many years ago,in these years have also managed to realize my dream. I’m not only an instructor but I try to improve myself day by day , and I also try to transmit to the students the real spirit of surfing and also that they can full enjoy the magic emotions that this sport gives. My slogan is: the best surfer is the one who comes out of the water with a smile.
francesca Scuola di Surf Fuerteventura el cotillo
Francesca Booking manager and costumer reception
Surf school is my second home, more than happy to provide you with all the information you need. How did I approach the world of surfing? After having known Damiano well 10 years ago ... Pure 360 ° love!